You can apply for membership of the ASP electronically.

1. Register at the AEC as a voter

Before you apply for ASP membership you must ensure that you are a registered voter at the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). If you are not yet a registered voter, please enroll at the AEC before applying for ASP membership. To register as a voter at the AEC - please click here.

2. Information about ASP membership

Currently - there is no ASP membership fee (i.e. $0.00). To apply for ASP membership (once you are registered at the AEC) - follow the steps below:

no-1 Complete the online Application Form below - and then press the Apply button.
no-2 If you want a copy of the ASP Constitution - you can get it here.
no-3 If you want a PDF copy of the Application Form - you can get it here.
no-4 If you want to receive our newsletter - please complete the form on the right.

3. ASP membership Application Form

Please take care when completing the online form below - any incorrect data may delay your membership application.

For the "Type of membership" field as provided below, please select either:

Full membership - if you are eligible to vote and are on the electoral role.
Junior membership - if you are not yet of voting age.

Enter the security code - and press Apply


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