Our Beliefs

The Australian Sovereignty Party believes that:

  • Australians should be governed in a just and fair manner - under a more direct form of government that should bend to the will of its electors.
  • Australians can become financially secure - with the implementation of an honest monetary system, and with smart and frugal economic policies.
  • Australians should not be asked to pay unnecessary taxes – and any tax system should be simple and fair.
  • Australians should be the "supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable authority" in Australia (as our fore-fathers stated) – with the government only acting on a limited mandate they receive at the polls.
  • Politicians and public servants should act as agents of the people - with limited powers and fully accountable to those who pay their wages (i.e. us).
  • An Australian "Bill of Rights" should be instituted - to secure our natural and inalienable rights for all time.
  • The Australian government should be limited in its scope and power - and stop intruding into the lives of ordinary citizens.
  • The Australian government should simplify our laws and regulations, and ensure that everyone plays on a "level playing field".
  • The Australian government should provide more impartial information to the public - to assist in personal decision making.
  • Bureaucratic red-tape should be minimised or abolished (where possible) - as it stunts entrepreneurship and places an unnecessary burden small-to-medium sized businesses.
  • Australia should not stand by idly - while our manufacturing and agriculture base is moved offshore to countries that pay slave wages and damage the environment. "Free trade" is not "fair trade".

Most Australians want a "fair go" in their sporting lives, and also in their economic lives. This concept is deeply ingrained within the psyche of most Australians. If a sufficient number of Australians adopt the beliefs given above - then that desire for a "fair go" stands a good chance of being manifested in their lives and in the lives of their children.